All the ladies in the house

Know when you’ve lost a few pounds and your trying on stuff that you’ve been blocking from memory for the last year. That five pounds does make a difference and we all know it. Well having lost five pounds I am trying on jeans in my closet this morning left and right. Putting on a pair I’m thinking damn I’ve lost weight and these don’t look half bad. WTF, they are my husbands.

God again looks at my vanity, laughs, and smites me with a pair of Old Navy. Upside my husband is six foot and probably 152 lbs wet. Downside is that our jean sizes are not that different. I am a size four and I can get into his jeans, there is a lot of room but I can still get into his jeans. Jon has the metabolism of a field rabbit. Maybe there is a plus side.

As we age I should use his jeans as the guide of when I need to do double time at the gym. Today was going pretty cool. My hair is straighter although my lesson is still needed soooo bad. Still loving the electric toothbrush. Kids off for school without any confessions of omission regarding homework. Acknowledge inner nature – JEAN THING WILL BE STAYING WITH ME FOR SOME TIME!!