5th Grade Picture Day!!!

Today is Caitlyn’s picture day. Her hair inevitably proved once again there was no baby mix up at the hospital. Huge in the back and making no sense it defied hairspray and a quick brushing more was needed by my skills with hair are notably lacking. Jon stepped in and found a way of somewhat cementing the child’s hair down. Eventually she’ll find out why mom avoids the camera.

You know the picture we all have at least one or in my case 12 that could double as psych ward ID’s. I thought at first it was a fluke like some bad picture year. But it continued and continued all the way through school. Found out later that it runs in the family. My mom and I both have this uncanny ability to contort our faces for pictures with timing so perfect you could set a watch to it. Caitlyn appears at the time to have broken free from the bad picture thing. For this reason I purchase the big picture package.

Why is it that I can do plenty of dumb things with no camera in sight but never look as stupid as I have in school photographs? On the roof the garage cleaning the gutters, jumping on a chair upon sighting a chipmunk in the house, trying to unclog the laundry chute by climbing in the laundry basket attached to the rafters in the basement with a broom seem to be great Kodak moments lost forever. Mysteries like this are probably better left to the Twilight Zone.