The Pugmothers night on town

Starting at where we had our first date we began at the Blue Danube. Its a dive but the jukebox is great, the King and I was on the television, and the bar was stocked. Tea flavored tequila with a scorpion floating on the bottom was the beverage special of the day and my husband partook. Will they stop at nothing when thinking of things to add to tequila. What’s next Paris Hilton offering her version of the classic with chihuahua’s starring back at you from the abyss? Celebrity allows lapses in reason greater than the gulf in our national budget and the gdp.

Tommy Lee starred back at us from an ad in the other paper. All tatted up with no where to go except Columbus doing at show at BOMA for $15. Don’t get me wrong I like tattoos but something about his pose in that picture made me think of abercrombie and fitch. Breaking into laughter unnatural I insist that is our destination at the end of the evening. Having convinced others while we stopped at two other spots to say hey and hang out with little seen company the husband relented. Giggling like a schoolgirl I was thrilled.

Arriving at the event and having paid $5 for parking we learned that the door price had doubled to $30. The joint was not hopping it was not at capacity and yet prices doubled. The law of supply and demand evidently took a leave of absence. Price was too steep when all a girl wanted to do was laugh and giggle while pointing at the object of humor. Maybe he doesn’t mean to deliberately amuse me but he does all the same. Celebrity is funny. I am going to take your money but I want to be held above the judgement of the world while my face gives wide eye glances from the tabloids.

So the night ended dancing at Axis into the wee hours. Ah no notable mentions or big names. Just music and a fog machine.