No Flag No Country – Eddie Izzard

Suburban life confuses me at times, leaves me speechless, and laughing out loud often. Could be that I am writing this while listening to Courtney Love sing “Doll Parts”. Not a deliberate act but the grace of the music channel which on this morning is make forcing me to endure something trite. So what the hell is up with all these flags?

Should it be the American flag flown I would not be looking quizzically at my neighbors home. Last month it was a flag displaying a topiary. Thinking it was a proclamation of her domination over nature and more over her shrubbery I let it pass without much thought.

For a brief time it was a festive fall print. Okay, okay so maybe she is warding leaves from falling in her yard. It could be a cursed object with such power. Admittedly I watch way too much science fiction. With any breath left I will pursue that course still so I was watching to see if any leaf did dare fall.

Yet it changed again. Is she in the flag of the month club or what? Now she screaming her support for OSU in a sun faded flag. Enough is enough. I have a pirate flag in my basement which when we first moved in I did not yield to the urge to display my colors. It had something to do with not wanting to declare our intentions to sink property values with our used cars in the driveway, half breed dogs barking in the yard, and the letting lose of the chipmunk killing cats.

All of those plagues have been let loose and I can fear now by flying my flag is the loss of those great inner city youth kids who come around with alarming frequency to sell candy bars. Fantastic kids working towards a goal which I applaud – but $3 a bar does make it hard to eat the candy between laughs of absurdity. Near our front door is the flag mount, tomorrow I match her flag.