Paint stripping

So here I am continuing to strip, this time a built in bookcase that has been painted the most bulimic shade of baby blue one could imagine. Lesson learned, I will spend more time stripping and sanding the bookcase then it’s worth. New plan, prime the bookcase to be repainted. Hardly to I suppose that others will come to peer at the life’s work that taking this bookcase back to original would require. I humbly step back. Back to the hardware store – it’s becoming as addictive as delegating to the children the task of cat box duty. Seven months and I haven’t touched or smelled a cat box, worth the $1 a week! Feed a starving child or not be bothered with a cat box? So I lose to Sting and Bono the humanitarian of the year award again.

Remember the positives in life!
1. Cats have not killed anything in days!!! Yeah chipmunks!
2. Dogs are showing signs of not getting any dumber!!!
3. Kids are back to school and doing well, backpacks are coming home, homework is done, no one is crying.
4. Husband is patient with my need to improve our home, he’s in California for the week and that helps.
5. Aquaglobes!!!
6. Netflix! I am no longer judged by the blockbuster dude when I rent musicals from the fifties and sixties. Uncultured little shit.
7. 1970’s mint condition Starship Trooper game purchased for $10
8. Shelves and shelves of books
9. Erasmus
10. My dad’s unconditional support of me, even when he has no clue what weird ass thing I’m talking about