Anything goes…

We are trained, educated, pressured and bribed to conform.  Our parents remind us to use our manners, teachers use red pens and employers wave a paycheck over our heads. Rules surround the individual like one of those  Snuggi’s broadcast all over television.  Cozy, yes.  Yet eventually if everyone jumps on the Snuggi bandwagon most society would look like members of the Vulcan High Council.

So I’m jumping off the wagon.  The first jump was with writing all the things I want to say out loud and the second is with beginning to perform with an improv comedy troupe.  There are no rules to improv but these which I have just made up (Okay there are some, but I dare you to find three people who say the same thing):

1. Do not censor yourself or attempt to censor anybody – Lenny Bruce and George Carlin come on in!

2. Try on different characters, new voices, walks, twitches – You can recreate yourself in each scene.

3. And as Mike Napier of the Annoyance Theater says “F&*k Your Fear!” – If a scene doesn’t work change it up, move on, don’t live in the past instead be in the moment constantly.

Can you see why I’m hooked?  I can be myself or anybody I choose to be at the moment and just run with it.  Think about everything you ever wanted to say to your boss or in a boardroom or every good alternative ending to a movie that you’ve had.  It’s been a great boost to my material for writing, surrounds me with others who are insanely creative and it allows for a three dimensional show of who I am without restriction.