Its the real deal

Last week I showed up for my Thursday night class prepared for the final.  I had my presentation PowerPoint submitted, research paper polished and my game face on.  Part of the preparation was also having a caffeinated smoothie on the way to school.  Preparation is everything.

Research paper is the product of twenty hours work, peer reviewed scholarly sources and statistical evidence provided by the Census Bureau and the White House Budget 2009.  So focused while doing this that the house nearly fell down around me.  Furthermore the PowerPoint rocked.

Caffeine coursing through me I arrived at school two hours early to prep for final exam.  Fidgeting in the computer lab like a rabid otter.  Wanting only for the night to be over and to detail the pantry with a cotton swab.  Truly the outcome would be superb.

The patience of the students filling in was annoying the hell out of me.  Moreover was the Professors ease with the questions and request for assistance.  The final is today it’s the first thing on the agenda before presentations where is the urgency at getting this show on the road.  Clamping my chair I am sitting down, must not let go.  Making eye contact with the Professor I blurt out “When is the final starting?”.  She replied “Next week”.

Next three hours were spent caffeinated out of my mind proofreading and editing.  Something akin to Jack Nicholson in the shinning.  So focus on the work that I neglected the obvious check of my school calendar.  Economics is that interesting to me and adding research to that and the exploration of capitalism was lethal.  Leaving the class I felt an ass.