From a backyard barbeque to stripping wallpaper

When working with stress we all have coping mechanisms which vary by individual some drink, are drawn to recreational or pharmaceutical distractions, or in my case become some warped version of what would happen if Bob Villa and Martha Stewart got it on. Keeping busy in healthy productive ways keeps me from dwelling and becoming depressed and curing my depression from a shoe shopping frenzy the likes of which my husband would likely never forgive.
The aforementioned house that we purchased in February was gotten for a steal as a result of the design theme which sent countless others screaming; we call it brass Navajo. Pastel Indian prints circa 1987 bordered and wallpapered every damn room. Each light plate cover, electrical outlet cover, or cover of any damn sort is brass, a showy, shiny, mocking brass. From time to time when stress would creep into my life I would put every fiber of my being into removing the native’s from our homestead.
Last Friday I learned that with only a drivers license and a credit card that I could obtain for a glorious twenty four hours – a wallpaper steamer!!! For like only twenty bucks I could finish the last room in the house, the only one that was floor to ceiling. The instructions given for its use were about two minutes in duration while detaching the steamy thing from the base took me ten minutes in the bathroom while I repeated to myself over and over again that I was not calling a lifeline.
When my husband came home apparently the half done bathroom inspired in him the same drive to be rid of the contemptuous paper. The machine was returned the next day. Both of us bitching about our backs, shoulders, and everything else – but it was done. While feeling empowered that the task set forth was overcome I am concerned that the same rental store would provide for a small charge an arsenal of power tools.
It is a comforting thought to think that we are judged by the collective of our lives. A good life lead is something that comes about in a manner of averaging. Stripping wallpaper from one room means nothing but from the whole house means more. Going further and bringing the house into a contemporary state by spackling, sanding, painting, getting new floors, and re-tooling the cabinets surely would increase the collective output of all those singular tasks exponentially. The average value of the home increases in spite of the small things overlooked as the greater tasks were performed.