Try as I may to avoid watching much television Hell’s Kitchen comes out with a new episode or I really get a need to catch up on the four Daily Show’s I haven’t yet checked out. Local news and newspapers have forced me to revoke their news authority in my life. Although my efforts to embolden the inner rebellion produce some fruit I am still a sheep.

Aquaglobes are wonderful. Desperately I seek absolution because I want to do it again, snuggi beckons me gently. Its the poncho that will turn me into a moving piece of furniture. Unholy blanket thing which will allow me to not fuss with a blanket when I cannot reach the Cheez-it’s with ease. Sitting in an easy chair looking like one of the Vulcan high council. Dare I go into this dark night?

I resist polo shirts and khakis which such a roar! Caving instead to a blanket with sleeves I can wear to cloak my apathy? Is my apathy showing? Has it become that large? Cannot help but think this has something to do with my realization that I had a fear response to a chipmunk in the house.