Adding Kids to the Fire

Not watching much television and being too busy to read the news online over the weekend I just heard of the balloon hoax. 2009 is proving the year of the parent using the child as a means of obtaining celebrity.  Why haven’t I thought of this?  Damn it I’ve missed my chance once again with only three children I could never land a reality television deal but I could perhaps launch my son into orbit and knock out the astronomy cub scouts badge requirement while I’m at it.  Or I could get a surrogate mom to carry eight babies for me because for one I can’t have any more children sans miracle and two I just got into these jeans again and pregnancy clothes just plan suck.  Better yet!  I could tie my ability to provide for my children’s standard of living by exploiting them on television.  That’s right kid the televised time out you had when you were five is paying for your therapy as we just got picked up by the rerun channel.  Can’t we just go back to the tried and true methods of obtaining celebrity? Usually the route for those lacking charisma, talent or that certain Je ne sais quoi is through sexual exploitation.   Janet Jackson, Brittney Spears and Hugh Grant I’m telling you the time is now.


One Response

  1. I still can’t believe that balloon boy situation. It appears to be a hoax and that’s not going to leave too many people laughing, considering how many were glued to their TV at the time worrying about the little boy.

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