Vegas Baby

Below is my brother Josh who lives in Las Vegas.  Seven years ago when I moved back home after leaving out west for four years he stayed on.  And why not?  Fishing, gambling, concerts and great weather for his toys.  It works out great for me too since I always have an inside connection.

Four years ago I made a visit to Vegas.  It was just to be a three day weekend.  I had by some weird fate gotten a three room suite at Binions for $70 a night.  It was in the downtown area and we could see the Fairmont Street experience from our room and the World Series of Poker was next week so the usual sleep atmosphere of the aged casino was alive.

We went to those local spots off the strip sang, danced and were very merry.  On the day I was to leave Josh got a phone call.  He’s a natural people person and very connected through the contacts he makes on his job.  He got off the phone and told me he just got two tickets to Depeche Mode’s concert that evening at the Hard Rock Casino.  OMG!!!!!

He’s casual about it and I’m freaking out!  I’ve loved Depeche since high school.  I tell him that if I can change my flight I want to go with him.  He was giving me a hard time and I had to remind him that he made fun of me in high school for my music, hair, clothes and car (1981 Chevy Chevette).  Begging, pleading and bribing as tickets to this show did not exist for anything less than the few grand I surely didn’t have.  Big heart that he has he gave the two tickets to myself and my friend.

So here’s to the brother that cut my hair when I was four (curls were on the floor), woke up to a hermit crab on his nose, was a bmx bandit, who patched a hole in the wall with me before dad got home, who went to Phoenix eleven years ago with only 1 large bag, who listened to Metalilica in high school and lettered in Chess, and got stung by a jellyfish.Large mouth bass


One Response

  1. OK, two things.

    One, Depeche Mode rocks.

    Two, Vegas rules!

    Great post!!!

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