The Girl Scout Cookie Agenda

Okay so I’m a geek and I love economics.  Glad we got that out of the way because as you can tell if you’ve been reading the geek comes out fairly often.  As I sit here staring at some of the popcorn my son is trying to sell for Cub Scouts at the low price of $45 I can’t understand the Girl Scout cookie thing.  Don’t get me wrong I understand Girl Scout cookies.  They are delicious.  I freeze the thin mints and eat them with ice cream and I can kill many a box of Samoa’s so I know these are the Cadillac of cookies. What doesn’t make sense to me is that with the law of supply and demand when an object, say a Do Si Do, is scarce its value goes up.  So if all of a sudden one day there were no Ford Focus’s in the world the hail damaged on with a space monkey on the dash would be worth a fortune.  Why then can’t we have the cookies year round? My solution is similar to Hades marriage deal with Persephone.  Half the year the Cub Scouts sell the cookies the other half the Girl Scouts.  Everybody wins and the market stabilizes.  Girl needs some thin mints already!


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  1. That’s funny! I agree I could use a thin mint. Your idea of freezing them and putting them in ice cream sounds fantastic. I am definitely trying that the next time I get some. Thanks for sharing.

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