Colossal Chimes

First location

First location

Greeting all passers by, children, mailmen and anyone with an eye for detail from a moving car are the wind chimes my Mom gave us as a housewarming gift. Nothing too unusual right? Neighbors all around us have chimes either wood or metal with some decorative frame. Their chimes are maybe a foot or two long at the very most and while quite pleasant lack the distinction of being wrapped, packed and shipped from my Mom’s home in Florida.

Five bamboo shoots with an angled cut at the bottom. Oh yeah, its also six feet long. UPS has brought some unusual boxes to our door. Jon likes to buy things online for the car so it’s been an envelope of stickers for his wagon or a transmission on pallets for the Focus. This one took the UPS guy and me both by surprise.

Huge brown box in the front living room was a surprise from Mom. Opening the box were all sorts of things. Books, toys for kids, clothes for me, purses and a whole collection of the thrift store finds that I love so much. Popcorn Styrofoam tossed in all directions revealed the behemoth wind chime. It was out of control and a present to Jon.

After coming home to find his gift he jumped back for a minute, smiled wildly and went to hang it from the front porch. As the weather warmed even the front porch was not big enough for the chimes. Anyone using the two chairs situation near the chimes to the left of the front door was risking a bamboo beating. Now they are hanging from the large dogwood to the right of the front door.

Who has the biggest chimes in the neighborhood? Jon does. Who is a gift giving genius? Mom.


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  1. Nikita,

    I don’t believe in coincidences so I am visiting your blog for a reason. I wanted to respond to your comment on Amy’s blog (amymusings). The Native Americans, so I’ve read, used to come back from battle and sit around a campfire and talk about the things they had done and seen so everyone could experience it. That is said to have helped them heal and also since it was a tribal vote to go to war, it allowed the elders to know what they were voting for, all of it. One of the problems with modern warfare is, besides the horrifying experience, you can be in Iraq or Afghanistan one day and home sitting around the campfire the next. Some come home from holding their M16 or other weapon and come home and hold their child or wife or both. They don’t travel by boat and talk with their fellow soldiers for weeks until they get home.

    I was aksed as I was leaving the military if I had any issues that I wanted to disclose for treatment. I interpretted that as meaning that I would not be leaving if I said yes. I left the military, climbed inside a bottle for a while, got my act together, became a Land Surveyor and fast forward to 2004 (I got out in 1995) I was driving down the interstate listening to the news report on January 27, 2005, a CH-53E Super Stallion helicopter crashed in the Al-Anbar province taking with it the lives of 27 Kaneohe Bay Marines, along with one Navy Corpsman and three Marine pilots from a mainland unit. The majority of the 27 Marines lost in the crash were from Charlie Company of Battalion Landing Team 1/3.[1] Battalion Landing Team 1/3 lost a total of 45 Marines during the course of their first combat tour in Iraq. I was in Bravo Company BLT 1/3. Those words may not mean alot but it’s the equivalent of living in an apartment building that has 4 units, and all units have a letter designation A-C, Weapons Co., and HQ’s Co. I was B Co., they were C Co. I trained everyday with them, I flew on the same helicopters they did and while I was assaulting into Kuwait we were supposed to fly on helicopters and land in Iraq and do what they did ten years later. I pulled over to the side of the road, called my wife and said I need to go to the VA, I think I may still have “issues”.

    Long story short, your neighbor needs to seek some help whether it’s through formal channels or informal ones. Vets4vets is a great program and it wouldn’t hurt to discreetly leave materials about Iraq Veterans Against the War on his vehicle.



    P.S. The connection we have and the interest in your blog is that my mom had a very small wind chime that she hung from the celing in the den in front of the A/C vent. So when it kicked on they would chime. I have those chimes now, and they mean alot to me because after my brother was diagnosed with HIV in 1993 she spiraled down and when he passed away in 2003 she hit rock bottom and died inside and proceeded to catch the outside up to the inside and she passed away from a broken heart (alchohol) February 16, 2009.

    I love wind chimes.

    • Jason,

      Coincidences are excuses I believe for not accepting what the universe and its creator are trying to say to us – in any faith. I have been doing this for a month trying to put my authentic self out there. The serious, the funny and the things that compel me to action. Honestly I was not prepared to have such a profound return on that gift.

      I will pass on the resources you suggested gratefully. There’s a song by Dub Trio, it’s the only one I think of theirs with lyrics, “Not Alone” it features Mike Patton from Faith No More. When I listen to it I think about how our voices are the only thing that break us from shared solitude.

      Please keep in touch,


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